I tried a hack: toothpaste

Hey lovelies,

It’s been a minute again…

It’s spring… ish (it’s been snowing in march!). Anyways spring is when I like to thoroughly (I use this word loosely) clean my home. I love to organise and declutter as much as I can!


So this brings me to my new discovery! I was cleaning my wall and doors because during the summer months the sun exposes every grubby bit of my home and my unhealthy foodie habits (but we’ll save that for another time). I tried using regular cleaning product to clean my door but I was not entirely happy with it.

Thankfully I turned to my besties google and youtube and I found this bizarre hack that toothpaste can rid my grubby doors. I knowww, I was as sceptical as the next person because there are so many bogus hacks out there. However I thought I will give it ago, feeling very naive.

This is what happened:

Exhibit A


img_9381 After


Exhibit B





Exhibit C





So there you have it folks! It works! I didn’t even use a branded toothpaste, I used a Lidl brand toothpaste I bought hoping it was as good as branded toothpaste (it wasn’t). Now I have an incredible use for it.

Give it a try and thank moi later!

Hasta la vista bebe!





Hey lovely people!

It has been a minute! It’s been extra busy here and I’m trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep at night. Lool right?! I’ve come across a few reports stressing the importance of sleep. I figured maybe I should give it a go. Hence blogging has taken a backseat. Also I realised I just can’t do it all so I’m focusing on keeping up with the children and sleep!

Ps. It’s 12am and I’m currently undergoing a budget hair treatment so apologies for the many mistakes 😊 (extends to previous post 😅).

So… not much to say but I do have a step by step guide to help your child tie their laces 🙌🏿. Also I felt like posting 😁 hopefully someone finds it useful!

You will need:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Until next time




Coping with two after two years

Hey lovlies,

I was watching Isabelle play the other day by herself and I began to reflect on how fast time has flown by. I can’t believe she will be two in two months! Its crazy. I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Isabelle, the thought of going from one to two seemed daunting. I kept wondering how I would manage and after finding out she was a girl (5 months scan) as excited as I was I just kept worrying.  I love my son beyond what words can describe and I couldn’t imagine loving another child as much as I love Isaiah. One of my biggest fears was that Isaiah will feel left out.

The age gap between the two is big (4 and half years) so it felt all new to me after all those years. After almost two years with two I realise that I was just being a fusspot. Don’t get me wrong it can be incredibly difficult and exhausting, but it is also magical (cheesy but I swear it’s true!). The bond between the two is just beautiful to watch. They have their moments as many siblings do and Isaiah at one point asked when to return Isabelle back to the hospital but overall they get on exceptionally well. Isaiah is extremely proud of his role as an older brother.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Oh if you are worried about not loving your second one as much- you have nothing to worry about!  I love both so dearly and equally. Now that Isabelle is growing into her own, I am discovering their differences and I celebrate and adore their individual personalities.

When Isabelle was a newborn I felt much more competent than I did with Isaiah. Due the the large age gap, I spent the days with Isabelle whilst Isaiah was at school. Pre-toddler days *rolls eyes* I was able to put Isabelle to sleep first so I focused on just Isaiah. It was really nice and I know he used to love our one-to-one time. Unfortunately Isabelle is now a lively toddler and sometimes stays up after Isaiah has gone to bed, so I always try to have a one-to-one time with Isaiah every so often. It’s really refreshing to have that time with him. I guess one of the advice I would share is to try your best to establish a routine. Besides the Almighty God who saw me through, I feel life was made much easier because I had a routine.

Overall the jump from one to two has been manageable.There has been and probably always will  be moments when it feels chaotic and stress level spikes to level 100 but that’s the bitter-sweetness of parenthood whether you have 1, 2, 3 or more. You learn to adapt. It’s a journey I am absolutely positively lurving. I can’t and won’t have it any other way.






Tired moms, read this

Hey lovelies,

Happy new year! I hope you all had a great holiday spent with loved ones. Now if like me, you are a new years cliche then please read.

Apple cider vinegar. I’m sure you have all heard of this. Reading all the benefits if there is one thing to take to a deserted island, it will be apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is known for many benefits (won’t go into details, google it :-).

Unfortunately I’m not hear to tell you that it helped me loose weight because to be honest it didn’t. I started drinking this hoping it was the magic potion to loose my belly jelly but that has not been the case for me YET?? I love carbs, I eat carbs for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between. I am carbs.

However the one thing that I feel  has improved since drinking apple cider vinegar is my stamina. Though I feel tired, I am not exhausted where I’m wishing elves will come and do my chores while I sleep.

I am so much more organised as I have the energy to see the day through. I’m not sure if it’s a placebo effect but I’m loving the results so far. I drink it every morning before eating.

So give it a try and let me know if it helps. I will be sure to do a post if I experience other benefits.

Oh also if you have any other tips please share and let’s #uniteinmotherhood.

Apple cider drink

2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (Please make you buy the organic and with the mother).

2 tablespoon of lemon juice

1 tablespoon of honey

1 glass of warm water (or cold if you prefer)



Ps. You may not be a fun of the taste, it does take some getting used to.

Till next time. Orevior!





Belle’s first ballet

Hey Lovlies,


So a couple of weeks ago, Isabelle started ballet lessons. I enrolled her into ballet because the outfits are sooooooooo cute. That was seriously and honestly my main reason. However, it was such a lovely sessions and I think she will most definitely benefit from it.

I think it will support her speech and language as she has to follow really simple instructions like sit, jump etc… We loved it and will definitely carry on.

Plus I just want to show off her outfit, she looked so adorable.


How cute is her is this???


Ps… she did her own thing lol completely ignored everything she was asked to do


Outfit: H&M everything



Hyped natural hair products that fooled me

Hey lovelies,

If like me you are tired of watching and reading reviews of products that simply doesn’t live up to the hype. Then please read as I am about to have a serious rant. I wish I would have never gotten them and I would like a refund…

So lets get right into it.

First product I dislike 

Behold the power of marketing. When my son was little I bought products from this range after watching reviews about how amazinggggggg they are. It didn’t work. Then came my daughter. Then I fell for it again. I don’t know why, maybe I thought I used it wrong after watching a pretty convincing review…

Power of marketing + naiveness = insanity (buying over and over again and expecting a different result).


I know the product is named “mixed chicks”, my daughter and I are not lol but the packaging does say it’s for black, white, asian, latin, mediterranean…

The leave in conditioner is awful. It didn’t leave my daughter’s hair soft whatsoever. It didn’t marry well with her hair, mine, or my son’s.

The shampoo wasn’t anything special as well. At £8.49, a much cheaper alternative will yield a better result.  The prices are not even cheap, so you kind of hope that it’ll work. Like you think people can’t be that cruel and charge so much for something that doesn’t work, right? WRONG.

Didn’t work for me, my son or my daughter…

Product Numero 2


Gurrrrrrrrrl please, this did nothing for her hair.

Product letter 3 🙂


This product did not moisturise or define her curls. This is one of those products, you leave in your drawers for when you absolutely have no choice.

Product number 4


Another hyped product that did not work. It did not nourish or repair.

Moving on…

Product letter cinco 🙂


This was the lesser out of all six, but still nothing special. It was okayyyyish. I don’t care for it, I wouldn’t buy it again.

That’s it.

There are a few more that I dislike, but unfortunately I did a clear out recently and just threw away all the products that were… well trash. If I remember I will be sure to review it ( 😉 I’ve got you).

Also, these products mentioned didn’t work for ME. Everyone one is different, we are all entitled to our own opinions. If you’ve used it and you like it then *thumbs up* carry on. This is not the gospel, just my opinion.

I’ll will also upload products that have worked for me in the near future.

Hope it helps!

Hasta pronto!





Hey Lovlies,

I hope you’re all doing well. You may not realise, but it’s been a year since I became a stay at home mum (a whole year!!!). It’s hard to believe that only a year a go I resigned and went from working mum to stay at home mum.

I have avoided to speak of this topic because I know just how personal and sensitive this topic is for many parents . However, I feel that maybe it will help someone out there. I have been on both sides of the spectrum, so I can relate to the opposing views. This may be a long one so grub your cuppa and relax.

Here goes…

Happy You, Happy family.

I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before. So WHATEVER you decided make sure it’s what’s best for YOU. THINK YOU. It’s not selfish, it’s important.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset
After playgroup with my daughter, Isabelle

Pros of working

  • Adult interaction – need I say more?
  • Financial independence – need I say more?
  • Dressing smart- need I say more?
  • I had little time to focus on any bulls*** outside of worklife
  • Valued every single second I had with my children

Cons of working

Personally, I had two main cons. There were other things but these two were the ones I struggled with immensely.

  • Boss may not be very understanding. Sick days can be very tricky. I remember feeling so poorly, I forced myself to get to work because I wanted to save my sick days for when my children were sick.
  • Missing out on milestones, school plays etc… This was the hardest for me.

dressed for work

Pros of stay at home mum

  • Spending lots of time with your children. What’s more to say?

Cons of stay at home mum

  • Your new boss will be your baby/toddler- so if working mums thinks they have it hard with their bosses… well does your boss cry because they are tired???
  • Procrastination


Children will be fine

I went back to work when Isabelle was only six months old. It was the hardest decision of my life. I remember being at work and I thought I could hear my baby cry. It was the strangest thing. I am very protective of my children. Apart from their dad, I don’t ever leave my kids with ANYONE unless it’s aaaaaaaaaaaabsoultely necessary. Mainly because people can treat your children so different in your absence. Their emotional well-being is so important to me, so I don’t like leaving my children. I can’t bear the thought of someone maltreating my child in my absence. I guess this is drawn from my own experience being away from my parents the first 10 years of my life. People can be mean, even  especially FAMILY.

So just imagine how I felt leaving Isabelle, six months old, with total strangers to take care of her in a nursery/daycare. I had nightmares weeks leading up to it. I had a friend spy on them when she went to ask about nursery for her child. Her positive feedback was reassuring.

I can say for the most part that if it’s your child/children you are worried about, they will be fine*. Isabelle coped incredibly well. She was fond of the nursery manager. The nursery was less than a 2 min walk from work, so I was nearby in case they needed me for anything.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset
Park time

Career goals

Now, one of the things that made it a bit easier for me to leave my job was my role. My job role was a general office role. Any job nowadays is hard to come by I know, however, it was a job and not a career. I’m I making sense? I didn’t feel invested in it to not let go.

However, if I had been in a career which I felt I worked very long and hard to get to my position- I think I would be writing a different post right now if I’m honest. That’s the brutal truth.

Having said that, I bumped into a former work colleague who was older than me. When I told her I quit my job, she was happy for me. She had older children of her own. She said something to me that stuck. She to told me to enjoy the early years with the children as I will never get that time back. She went on to say that I’m still young and have plenty of years ahead of me to work. Her words melted my worries about my decision to stay at home and still what motivates me to make the most of my time with them now.

I had to doodle to distract myself… it’s 1am


Hmmm where do I begin. If like me you didn’t save a lump sum of money to allow you to live comfortably should you decide to not go back to work… then. You. Are. In. For. A. Rough. Ride my friend. Reality is financially things will be tight. You have to budget wisely. Took me a while for it to sink in, I was spending like I was working. Truth is every little counts right now. I have to budget, plan and save for things like holidays. I use a lot of my disposable income to put my son into extra curriculum activities. It means we can’t spontaneously have a family getaways. Budgeting is crucial if you decide to stay at home. Personally, it’s a small price to pay.

Another thing to think about is childcare. If you are in the UK, I’m sure you would understand. This played a massive role in my decision. Majority of my income was paying for childcare. So ultimately, I was paying for someone to look after my children. Literally. Maybe I would’ve made that sacrifice and carried on working if I had an established career.

Common Misconceptions

Working mums may think that stay at home mum is the easy life, but let me tell you it’s not. SAHM don’t necessarily have more time to do chores. My toddler wants my attention, or she’s clingy because she’s tired or she’s crying in the middle of an important phone call. I still do my chores after I put my children to bed. I’m writing this blog at 12 am because I can’t write in the day with my daughter. She is too distracting.

SAHM refer to themselves as full time mum? Working mums are not part time mums. Mum hat never comes off. I find it insulting when SAHM refer to themselves as full time mums. It makes no sense.

days out

So as you can see, you can’t have it all. You win some. You loose some. At the minute, I am pretty confident with my decision. I have friends who are working mums and some who are not. Each to their own. No decision is wrong. It’s only right for YOU.

The goal is to have a happy life for you and your family.

* I am not a genie and I can’t perform miracles so please do research your childcare provider and take necessary precautions :-).

All the best